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One must take into account several factors that may lead to differences between passages–some of these differences can arise from a single author. Any authorship study needs to be sensitive to at least statistical, linguistic, and literary issues.

Before attributing any effect to authorship, one must be sure that the effect is present, is not attributable to straightforward linguistic causes, and is not attributable to literary considerations (424).

Direct speech is particularly prone to variations from the expected norm of linguistic usage.

O’Keefe asserts that direct speech “should be expected to vary with the age, sex, ethnicity, and emotional state of the character speaking (424).” Therefore, if one encounters a speech by Abimelech and it seems different from other passages one cannot automatically assume that this speech was composed by a different author.

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I have so many favorite books, but I know books can tell you a lot about a person.After Houk attained his results–results that confirmed his hypothesis–Houk did not rigorously test his methodology to make sure that his analysis was correct.

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