Row cannot be located for updating sql server

20-Jan-2017 22:48

row cannot be located for updating sql server-8

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Some values may have been changed since it was last read.

How to repeat: Create a table with float not null column mysql insert into t1(f) values(144.977477477477); Query OK, 1 row affected (0.02 sec) ** use the same value: 144.977477477477 Create a project in VB6 w/ a Form & Command button: Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim cn As New ADODB.

The solution required tweaking a small setting in the ODBC DSN property as shown below Once we set the Return matched rows instead of affected rows option the UPDATE query executed successfully.

This setting will allow the updating of values in My SQL to the fields which has a value already.

If you look at the code, he wanted to add a record with a ! with no call to inisiate the adding, hence the code of mine "Add New", then get the data, then update the new record.;) On which line of your code is the error occurring? Record Source = "SELECT * FROM Lectures Attended" Adodc1. The codes above din't help because there is repeated data. Lectures Attended(Sr No, Student ID, Roll No, Name, Subject Name, June,..., March) In this table 1 student is assigned many subjects. Add column with autonumber feature and your problem is solved.

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row cannot be located for updating sql server-7

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If you run it, you can edit one of the fields and save the changes (by moving off the record).

This blog explains an issue you're likely to face while executing a remote UPDATE query against a My SQL server over a linked server connection using ODBC DSN based connectionstring Recently I was working in a project where I required data to be transferred from a remote server and do some manipulations with it.

The status column in the remote server table have to be updated later.

Is there text in the combo boxes before the sql is called? Record Source = "select Roll No, Name, " cmb Month. That a way that SQL distinct rows with same values and rest of code should work... Move Next and applying same changes or use UPDATE SQL syntax for updating all records that match criteria.

Text " from Lectures Attended where Subject Name='" cmb Subject. But this Syntax will update only current record If you have , for example , record like this where Subject Name is equal Sr No, Student ID, Roll No, Name, Subject Name, June,..., March 1 XXX YYY ZZZ AAA BBB 2 XXX YYY ZZZ AAA BBB 3 XXX YYY ZZZ AAA BBB 4 XXX YYY ZZZ AAA BBB 5 XXX YYY ZZZ AAA BBB After first update you will face this situation Sr No, Student ID, Roll No, Name, Subject Name, June,..., March 1 XXX YYY ZZZ AAA New Value 2 XXX YYY ZZZ AAA BBB 3 XXX YYY ZZZ AAA BBB 4 XXX YYY ZZZ AAA BBB 5 XXX YYY ZZZ AAA BBB Only first record after select is updated... Also one suggestion, is there any possibility to avoid using column for months? The client side is vb6 and using Dcom dll's hosted on the db server. My first guess is that something is wrong with your code, or possibly your data. We understand that you've got a problem, and that your problem involves two different vehicles made in two different years, but we don't understand exactly what you've tried, what results you've gotten, and what you expected.

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