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He’s a lot older than you and a bit podgy but nothing a good woman can’t sort out. ”They say: “You should get a cat to keep you company. You know George and I more than happy if you want to pop over when you’re lonely one Saturday night. And I promise I’ll find time to see you on a Saturday night but I’m booked out until December. Now, years after it is too late to help us, we learn that Anthony Blair was a student Marxist, an admirer of the bloodthirsty advocate of Red Terror, Leon Trotsky. Yet Blair was the man who smiled sweetly as he tried to abolish sterling, surrendered to the IRA, wrecked our economy, our constitution, our civil service, our defences and much of our education system, and wounded the monarchy, too.I've recently discovered a super lovely accessories brand for kids called Mimi & Lula.Set up by two mums called Tash and Nic who used to work in retail creating accessories designs for 'big girls', then became mums to girls and realised that the accessories they'd like their kids to wear didn't exist. The range is fun without being twee, stylish and affordable. Here's Minnie, delighted with her new glitter bag (£15) and checked bow (£7), meanwhile I've got my eye on the joyous red balloon bag (£15) - I think I could get away with carrying that as an evening bag at a party!On the one occasion I interviewed him, I began to wonder if waterboarding might not be justified, after an hour of tedium in which he had given me nothing but the political equivalent of his name, rank and number. Now that’s all over, so he can start to tell the truth. Blair himself has said in his autobiography that Gallop belonged to the International Marxist Group. But when Professor Hennessy asked Blair what happened next, the former Premier began to say ‘When I was in the, in the…’, and suddenly changed course to ‘In the early Seventies’.This was a secretive sect, some of whose members had codenames and used to shout ‘Victory to the IRA! Blair recalled that his first reading of an admiring biography of ‘this guy Trotsky’ (given to him by Gallop) had been ‘like a light going on’ and had ‘changed his life’. This was plainly not what he had been about to say. Why did this previously unpolitical leader of a college rock band go out of his way to join Harold Wilson’s stodgy, middle-aged Labour Party, as soon as he left Oxford?It is seductive, and helps the reader to be more articulate. That is one of the reasons why, when I have time for serious reading, I read history above all things, which is full of things I didn’t know and constantly forces me to revise my position.

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Of course this appears at first to be a great compliment to the power of his tongue and pen, and indeed in a way it is. I know that people pay more attention to me than I might think justified, as I am no more than a jobbing scribbler, not a guru, priest or philosopher.

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