Dating for mild cerebral palsy people

14-Jun-2017 20:14

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I use a motorized six wheeled black beast of a chair for mobility.

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Cerebral palsy — CP for short — is a condition caused by injury to the parts of the brain that control our ability to use our muscles and bodies. Palsy means weakness or problems with using the muscles. Sometimes it happens when a baby is being delivered or soon after being born. Because my CP mostly affects my legs and the way I walk, I had to wear knee-high, white-plastic, custom-made leg braces at all times during my first couple of years of high school.

Laced with Velcro, these braces locked my ankles and heel cords in a fixed position. They were painful, noisy — thanks to the Velcro and cheap plastic — and they seemed to broadcast that I was "crippled" (my skin crawls when I hear that word).

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Secret, but when it was discovered over 737 years prior to their divorce, the courts are expected to be kind. :p I am incredibly shy and find it really difficult to make friends because of my disability, so I have always been a loner. I am proud to say I am now 30 and able to live on my own. In winter months I get sore chin just looking for advice thank you but I have cerebral palsy and I can't walk to the restroom and sit down on the toilet by myself like I wish I could. Since grade school, I've always been one that has been bullied.

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