Who is braison cyrus dating

02-Aug-2016 15:42

Christina wanted to hang with her and met her brother and thought he was hot," the source adds.

(To clarify, there's no indication that either Schwarzenegger is a vampire.News of the blossoming romance comes as Miley and Patrick's relationship appears to go from strength to strength.The couple have been inseparable over the last few months and are reported to have spent Christmas and New Year together with Patrick's father Arnold Schwarzenegger and his girlfriend Heather Milligan.Miley Cyrus and BF Patrick Schwarzenegger have been spending lot's of QT with each other's families.

Not only did Miley go on a movie date with Patrick and his mom, but also she went on vacation with Patrick's family over the holidays, and Patrick's gotten in tight with the Cryus clan too, even getting a shout-out from Miley's little sis Noah for the awesome birthday gift he gave her.Well, now it appears that Braison Cyrus and Christina Schwarzenegger, Miley's younger brother and Patrick's older sister, have started dating as well! Christina, 23, is two years older than Patrick, 21. "They are dating and have been since a little after Patrick and Miley got official," a source dishes, noting "Both Patrick and Miley approve of the relationship." "Miley loves her brother and she thinks it's a great match." Patrick Schwarzenegger had a serious crush on Miley for awhile, we're told, and the singer also had big fans in Christina, 23, and their sister Katherine, 25.