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The basic idea is that you create a Mask Descriptor class that provides your mask, the associated data type, and some other descriptive information like the mask name and a sample of a valid value.Once you create the Mask Descriptor, other controls can read and use the information. NET piece that uses Mask Descriptor classes—the Mask Property Editor that displays the Input Mask dialog box where you can choose a mask at design time.Figure 18-9 shows the result, with the custom IPv5Mask Descriptor first in the list.When using Textbox questions, often times you'll want to validate the data your respondents enter.You can set the Mask to be "'), accept, optionally, two alphanumeric characters ('aa') followed by a literal colon ('\:'), and so on.(The reason for the literal colon is so that it isn't translated to a different Time separator character.) Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to specify that the separator can be either a dash a colon, but, in my test, pasting in input with either separator (or none) works ok (i.e.

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(If you don't believe me, try a Mask of "990.990.990.990" and see.) So our UI isn't as nice, but oh well. Return Value in your Type Validation Completed event handler to that same type. A bit of a cursory explanation, but you should be able to piece together the rest. For example, you could create the following IPv5Mask Descriptor class to describe a mask that represents IPv5 network addresses: public class IPv5Mask Descriptor : Mask Descriptor { public override string Mask get public override string Name get public override string Sample get public override Type Validating Type get To try this out, add it to a project, rebuild the assembly (choose Build ■ Rebuild Solution).

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