Self consolidating concrete testing equipment cancun dating

11-Aug-2016 09:47

It is consisting of 3 cylinders ø 150 x 150 mm high sliding separating plate and baseplate.

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) must have the ability to flow under its own weight, to pass reinforcing bars or other obstacles without segregation, and not segregate during or after casting.

Dimensions (Wx Dx H): 275x30x320 mm It is used for determining the flow time tv of concrete, completely made from stainless steel Dimensions (Wx Dx H): 515x75x600 mm It is used for determining the filling ability of concrete.

It is made of plexiglass with plastic baseplate, plastic filling tube and funnel, with barriers for simulating reinforcement.

The following ASTM standard test methods have been developed to address these fresh concrete properties.

ASTM C1611—Slump Flow of Self-Consolidating Concrete This test is performed in a similar manner and with similar equipment as the conventional slump test—ASTM C143.

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Sabre Industries endeavors to make to any and all users.Dimensions: (Wx Dx H1x H2): 200x280x340x680 mm It is used for determining the flow ability, the flow time and the passing ability of concrete. Ø18mm, Ø300mm It is used to determine the flow ability, passing ability and segregation of concrete, using cone funnel and frame to simulate reinforcement.Dimensions: (Wx Dx H): 700x200x600 mm It is used to determine the sedimentation tendency of SCC.The L-Box offers an alternate method of determining flow, and is currently in use in Europe and some DOT’s in the United States.

An ASTM L-Box procedure is pending at the time of this writing.This helps the SCC to satisfy the performance requirement in the field, such as giving a smooth surface finish, encapsulate the reinforcement without blocking of aggregates, etc.

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