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12-May-2017 00:00

Once I even jumped on a late-night bus that was going miles in the wrong direction to appear ‘carefree’ to some man who had just rejected me.

I finally limped through my door at 2am, my shoes ruined from the long walk home.

If you are new to Speed Dating on Long Island events, check out our guidelines for choosing the right Long Island single event. The guide will give you some information in advance that may help you make a decision on which company you want to go with.

We have all types of Long Island singles events (speed dating, speed bowling, volleyball, darts, Broadway Shows, mingles and more).

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I arrive and start assessing the room, looking for any ‘potential’ matches.

Yet here we are in 2016, scrolling through a sea of strangers’ faces.

Liz Hoggard says: 'I want to meet new people — but I would rather not sign up for ritual humiliation every weekend.

Our grandparents had the village hall and the barn dance.

Our parents could meet through evening classes and kitchen suppers in the company of good friends.

The speed dating company had requested their stuff back when I informed them it “just wasn’t working out.” I layered colored folders labeled “Dating Cards,” “Seating Assignments,” and “Welcome Posters” upon each other, slid them lovingly into the black canvas briefcase branded “8minute Dating,” and sighed. Sure, it felt a bit petty to me that after all we’ve been through in the last eight months, that they’d make a stink over a stapler, some folders, and an electronic timer that malfunctioned from the get-go.

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