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06-Sep-2016 08:57

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Many thanks to all those who are (like me) passionate about cymbals and trying to piece together the history of these alluring metal disks.

They are dark and deep, with woody stick attack and a brooding wash that blends particularly well with jazz and other types of acoustic music.There is no book, so far, so I took some pictures of my own cymbals over the years and arranged them in a timeline to my best knowledge. Ride size ranged up to 30 inch and 16 inch Hihats are known from this era. In the fifties and later little inkstamps on odd shaped models say SWISH, PANG or FLANGED HI-HATS, MEDIUM RIDE etc. This is also known as the 'pre-ink' period, so before mid 1970s when Zildjian started the silkscreen ink stamps on the bottom with the open ink-stamp logo. This picture was send to me by email from a fellow Zildjian afficionado.Some stories tell about drumshops stamping cymbals according client preferences. More examples of mistakes in the stamp department like double stamps, even double double stamps (4) can be found on the internet drumforums.The stamp is Ottoman-Turkish for the name “Kerope Zildjian”. Here is another Stamp 0 that shows more of the bottom right part of the stamp: STAMP 0. It is 12 inches in diameter, thick, and was described as “before the 1920s” by there person who shared it with me.

I think this is the actual first stamp because it lacks many of the later elements, and there are many very old looking cymbals out there with this combination of stamp elements. A commenter below says the stamp appears on a cymbal purchased before 1913.A Zildjian Stamp Timeline Chinese Cymbals G Zildjian Cymbal Mystery Italian (UFIP) Cymbals K Zildjian - Canada & US Timeline K Zildjian - Constantinople Timeline K Zildjian - Istanbul Timeline Stamp Anomalies (new) This timeline of the K Zildjian company’s cymbals stamped with “Constantinople” has been put together intuitively. The 1907 Dodge Catalog shows this stamp (albeit upside down) without any English letters.

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