Do looks matter in dating

08-Nov-2016 14:32

Looks and attraction is all relative to the person.On the other side, you may be surprised just how attractive someone can be once you get to know them.That’s why it’s important to try dating different types of people and giving those first dates a chance before immediately dismissing them.In cases where nothing seems to be working in your dating life, dating someone outside your normal comfort zone can be enlightening.But I hope that most guys are not judging books by the cover.In other words, I hope what most guys are looking for is a book with a pretty cover and a great story inside. So, is it less shallow to say that guys are attracted to a girl at FIRST by how she looks, but then there must be more to formulate a deeper relationship? This person is funny, smart, likes the same things as you and is the biggest sweetheart ever. Read what these girls had to say about looks in a relationship, and then let us know what you think.

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Some may be more attracted to a more laid back style versus a more dressy look.In fact, the respondents rated several other qualities as more important than looks, such as things in common (50%), a sense of humor (25%) and morality (12%).The exclusive study, which surveyed 1,080 adults over the course of three weeks, also found that men are twice as likely as women to put looks first, and that young adults are two times more likely than seniors to put looks as the number one quality. Wendy Walsh, CNN's relationship expert, and Julie Spira, best-selling author and dating coach, to see how people really feel and if they're lying to save face.Gary Lewandowski Jr., Chair of the Department of Psychology at Monmouth University, said only 1 in 10 Americans ranking appearance first is surprising and suggests people are uneasy when answering survey questions about dating, sex and relationships."What people say they'll do is often different from what they actually do," he said. Lewandowski, who spends his days researching this type of phenomenon, said our findings are supported by his own research, which shows how a good personality affects a person's attractiveness.

"There is research that shows for picking partners, people often say things other than attractiveness matter, but when researchers tracked who people selected to date, it was largely based on attractiveness."What's ironic, according to Lewandowski, is that those other traits are far more important to long-term compatatabiliy. He refers to this as "the malleability of opposite-sex physical attractiveness" and said it is an integral part of how our brain interprets attractiveness.

When I meet an amazing girl personality-wise that is not physically attractive to me, she just becomes a really good friend, and once they are a friend it never changes.