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15-Jan-2017 22:51

After 12 years of writing about sex, I felt pretty confident that nothing could surprise me. I've been agony aunt for Company Magazine for many years.

I'm one of Scarlet Magazine's 'Pleasure Aunts' (not as questionable as it sounds) and have written countless features and five books on the ins and outs of making love.

The panel on ITV's chat show - which included Ruth Langsford, Janet Street-Porter, Coleen Nolan and Katie - discussed Gwyneth Paltrow's latest tips about the best sex toys to use to spice up your personal life.

Including whips, olive oil and yams, the hosts laughed at the array of saucy secrets offered by the actress and seemingly discarded the advice as nonsense.

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The condition also can lead to persistent urinary tract infections.

The audience and fellow panelists both gasped and laughed in equal measures, and proclaimed their shock at this offered information.