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Every individual is blessed with a unique talent, so you just need to discover it, nurture it and amaze the world with your talent. Multi-talent Robert Townsend has a 23 years old daughter, Skylar Townsend, who is famous as Skye Townsend and has been surprising people with her spot-on impersonations of Beyonce.

Robert Townsend discovered his talent in acting, believed in it and pursued his dream of becoming a part of the show business. Impersonation is hard to do, and very few achieve perfection as she has.

Jerry says he lost his attraction to his wife, Kristine, and says that when he did, he started meeting ladies on dating websites. She would send me some pictures and they were rather provocative. Currently, he says he is dating “Kimberly”, with whom he says he has been involved for a year-and-a-half but has only talked to five or six times.

Now, he says he’s talking to four young, attractive women and admits that he has been sending them money as well. She thought I was a very handsome man,” Jerry says. He claims he met her in person at an airport, where they talked for hours.

Although she is good at imitating, she does not want to remain a You Tube sensation. I began posting videos impersonating Beyonce when I was thirteen on You Tube in '06. #Bey Hivefolife #stoptaggingmeinallthesedamnvideosofotherpeople A post shared by Babyhair Queen (@skyetownsend) on Making someone smile and laugh is considered as the most difficult art.

She feels that she is an artist and wants to be known as an actress and a singer too. I remember loving the way she talked and hadn't seen anyone try so I started making silly videos. And who had thought a hobby of Skye would be so famous and entertain people and become the reason for smile and laughter in many faces.

Still, Drita admits saving the mural will be an uphill battle.

Amber Heard may be in the midst of a messy divorce and abuse scandal with husband Johnny Depp, but that doesn't necessarily mean she hasn't made time for a new relationship.

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As Radar previously reported, the 55-year-old father of four went public with girlfriend Caryn Chandler, the family’s longtime farm manager, in a sweet post over the weekend.And on Thursday, hear from one of the women behind the pictures.