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And I know that he also respects my knowledge about other guns, meaning that I didn’t feel like some kind of idiot by asking him to give me a run-down on basic ARs some time back. And if you’ve ever waded into some of the online forums devoted to things-AR, you know just how bewildering it all can be. One of my Ballistics By The Inch buddies is very knowledgeable about ARs.It’s Rock River Arms’ business model and today reviews the Rock River Arms LAR-15 Nice. Not only did I get to learn even more about the platform, I got to shoot his Rock River Arms LAR-15 as part of the test sequence.

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It was all in good fun and I still get ribbed once in awhile about it.

I still have the beard in all its glory and its not going anywhere! In 1990 I asked my wife if I could grow a beard to see what it would look like. Not in a food service setting either, but a farm store. I quit shaving January 21, 1971, the day I got out of the Army.