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He wasn’t prepared to accept the negative answer he heard.

At this point no specialized kit for such activities was commercially available. More than 9 years later and his dream has now become a reality for those involved in specialized sporting activities. Cornerstone is one of only two certified fitters of the BTK knee in the USA!

From the day Jericho was enrolled, CHAMP has been there to ease the path with financial support for artificial limbs, peer support and regional seminars.

Today, Jericho has special running legs that help put a little bounce in his step!

We would like to thank everyone who donates to The War Amps Key Tag Service because, with your support, we now know that Jericho is going to go further than we could have imagined.

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Using the trick of putting in just steps from the pacific ocean, you can scuba and snorkel and get ready for me in singles city and some.During the 1940s and 1950s, the most common type of socket for the above-knee amputee in the United States was an ischial containment socket (ischial tuberosity within the walls of the socket) called a "plug fit" or "anatomical" socket.