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19-Jul-2017 10:51

These facilities enable our consultants to undertake a wide range of procedures from routine investigations to complex surgery.

This specialist expertise is supported by caring and professional medical staff, with dedicated nursing teams and a Resident Medical Officer on duty 24 hours a day, providing care within a friendly and comfortable environment.

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You can call us on 01793 611870 or email us on [email protected]

The next step would be to offer you an assessment, or alternatively an appointment during which we can have a confidential chat about your concerns around your alcohol or drug use and explore if you would like support at this time.

Our aim is to help people identify the changes they would like to make, empower them to reach their full potential and take back control of their lives Our team includes recovery workers, peer mentors, doctors, nurses and counsellors who will support you throughout your journey with us.

We offer a range of services for anyone experiencing problems around their drug use.

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You will also be able to talk with peer mentors who have ‘lived the experience’.

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