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Paint a large white lower-case 'm' on the front -- or cut it out of paper and glue it onto the posterboard. Candle Wrap red posterboard around your child loosely and staple or glue it together.Take the fabric and cut a blob out of it with a circle in the middle for your child's head to fit through.

Here are some simple, inexpensive ideas for making no-sew Purim costumes with items you probably have lying around your house! M&Ms Cut posterboard in red, orange, yellow, green or brown, into two large circles (one circle for the front and one for the back).It's a great opportunity to talk while chopping vegetables side by side or wrapping eggrolls, for example.If you don't know your way around the kitchen, the meal needn't be fancy.Then, print and laminate enough answer cards for each player to have throughout the game.

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Grab some dry erase markers too, and you are set to play! Start by having the wives leave the playing area to a place where they cannot hear their husband’s answers.

With a bit of creativity, you can keep things interesting without overspending, whether unmarried or married, new to a relationship or settled in.