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26-Sep-2016 08:56

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There are more than 2 million Model 70s out there, and it is often a standard by which other rifles are judged. announced that its New haven, CT, plant was being shut down and that the Models 70 and 94 would no longer be made.

dating my winchester model 94-56

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bigcurt Mike, None of the websites have correct serial number versus date of manufacture information for the Winchester Model 94.

It could be a rusted tomato stake Standard Carbine, or a -20,000 Special Order Deluxe Rifle in pristine condition - you didn't say. "Very good condition" is too nebulous a term to assign a value to a firearm. Thanks There are no SN records for the Model 94AE, since the Winchester records were turned over to BATF with the closing of the Winchester plant in New Haven, CT in 2006, and they aren't talkin'.

Standard factors for accurately describing a firearm's condition can be found here: photos, both close-ups of details and overall views, would be of immense help to us for estimating value. The 16", .44 Mag (aka: Trapper) Model 94AE was introduced in 1986, well before your SN - so the best you could do would be to narrow down the period: 94AE- no safety (1983-92), 94AE-CBS(1992-2003), 94AE-tang safety(2003-06).

I am thinking of trading the rifle for a 270 or 308 but want to verify its value.

Thanks Winchester made a lot of changes in their guns in 1964, mostly to cut manufacturing costs.

Would really like to know when this gun was made and how much it is worth.