Dating single life and mate selection

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The process by which single men and women meet and agree to marry can readily be seen as a market phenomenon in which both material and psychological benefits are exchanged in the process of forming and formalizing ongoing relationships.

Schroeder (1991) ,"Two Views of Consumption in Mating and Dating", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 18, eds. Endless types of markets are available for analysis, yet few are as consequential as those that facilitate finding a lifelong partner.

Historically, many areas of academic research have been based on identifying and addressing social problems; however, a substantial amount of social research has been geared toward studying African American women who are (a) single mothers who live at or below the poverty line, (b) single mothers with little or no education, (c) single mothers who depend on welfare, and (d) single mothers who report being socially deviant (i.e., substance abusers and/or prison inmates).

Overfocusing on a specific group within a race with specific variables can generate racial stereotypes.

N (“You just need to meet more people,” she tells me).

Suffice it to say that at 34, single and childless, I was in need of a little expertise, and the title of Buss’s first popular work, The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating, seemed to suggest that he might be the one to provide it.

Moreover, societal images of African American single mothers have had negative connotations because of assumed traditional norms for family life.

Many studies have skewed evaluations of single motherhood, and the specific circumstances of college-educated, African American mothers in challenging situations have been virtually absent in social research.

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As the number of singles reached record proportions (Bennet 1989, Cutler 1989, Fuchs 1988, and Masnick and Bane 1980), the development of products and services targeting this group became a major strategy for the business community as well as nonprofit service providers.

He is one of the founders of the academic field known as evolutionary psychology, whose practitioners study the manner in which our present-day minds have been shaped over the long, long term by the sculpting hand of evolution.