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Touched by this, Jess decides that breaking the helmet is not an option and they need to find to get her head out of the helmet so she can meet Sam’s parents.

Of course, this is the perfect time for Sam to pick her up for said meeting.

Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together” is a sweet, appealing musical comedy about two lesbian roommates, who, as they keep telling everyone, are “not together.” Just friends. This scene is so charming, I wish there were more like it.

In fact, Jamie is two weeks away from leaving Chicago and moving to New York, where she plans a career on the stage. The movie technically is a musical, but doesn’t have much music.

The hockey pedigree within his makeup is almost unfathomable.

When a player can trace his hockey roots as far back as the “Roaring-20s” to a grandfather who played two decades in the National Hockey League, who also won three Stanley Cup championships, and is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, and then to have made it to the NHL himself, well, it would appear that the “hockey gods” have blessed this individual and signified him as someone special.

When she confides in Cece, Ce Ce assures Jess that the dream probably meant nothing and that she only had it because she’s getting more seriously involved with Sam.

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At that point* it was probably already too late to tell us who this character was. In an alternate universe where ALF is actually the freeloading Uncle Alfred, this joke wouldn’t play. It shows that the writers were giving at least some thought to who would actually be delivering these lines.

Frustrated, Jess puts on the helmet to prove a point.

Which also backfires, because the helmet is too tight to take off and the helmet was actually a gift Nick originally got from his dead father.

As if icing on the cake to that hockey pedigree, Greg married the older sister of former Colorado Rockies’ right winger/center Bob Attwell; Greg’s wife Rhonda. And Greg Theberge is providing me with the privilege of knowing about his life and his career firsthand.

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Rhonda’s father, Greg’s father-in-law, is Ron Attwell, who played for the New York Rangers and St. And if that were not enough, Rhonda’s two uncles are also former NHLers, Bill Mc Creary Sr. “I started playing organized hockey at the age of five, playing in a house league.At this point, I was still under the impression that Jamie (Jacqui Jackson) and Jessie (Jessica London-Shields) were together, and was a little disappointed in Jamie’s promiscuity.