Updating linked tables

12-Jun-2017 16:07

One is the old access 'Actor' table and other is the new linked table named 'Actor1'.So, if I do changes in my old access table, the table in mysql doesn't get change but when I do changes in my new linked table i.e 'Actor1' changes happen in mysql table too. Microsoft Office Access 2007 provides a number of tools for updating existing records, including datasheets, forms, queries, find-and-replace, and the new Data Collection feature.As you proceed, remember that updating data is not the same process as entering new data.In this task, you will create a link from the Stores data in the worksheet in your Excel window to the table in the Power Pivot window.

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After you link the tables, the tables in SSMA will appear with a small link icon.

If you want to use your existing Access applications with SQL Server, you can link your original Access tables to the migrated SQL Server or SQL Azure tables.

Linking modifies your Access database so that your queries, forms, reports, and data access pages use the data in the SQL Server or SQL Azure database instead of the data in your Access database.

is a table that has been created in a worksheet in the Excel window, but is linked to a table in the Power Pivot window.

The advantage of creating and maintaining the data in Excel, instead of importing it or pasting it in, is that you can continue to modify the values in the Excel worksheet, while you are using the data for analysis in Power Pivot.My understanding regarding linking access table with mysql db was that, by doing so, I would have the same 'old' access table linked with mysql, Instead after linking I got a new table (fields same as old) that has links with mysql database.