Dating eve midsummers

29-Jul-2016 18:48

Fires were typically lit on June 23, the eve of Midsummer’s Day, with tradition encouraging young men to jump through the flames.

Some believed the highest jumper would mark the height of that year’s crops.

Totti Hakkarainen, violin; Sami Salonen, accordion, Antti Ahoniemi, bass.

The young and the old will have the opportunity to build their own “kota”, which has been used in Finland for thousands of years. Adventure in Miniature Finland until August 13th A cultural orienteering for the whole family takes you around the museum area to accomplish small tasks.

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It is exciting for us to think of something new and come up with new dishes. [The play] is one of my favourites, other than Romeo And Juliet.Tens of thousands of pagans celebrated the summer solstice this week at dozens of stone circles across Britain.