Candidating sermon

13-May-2017 12:56

predestination, Elisha, Embarrassment, Emotion, Empathy, Employee, Employer, Emptiness, Encouragement, End of the World, Ending, Ends, Endurance, cf.

faithfulness, perseverance, success, Enemies, Enemy, wrong, Energetic, Energy, English, language, Enjoyment, Enoch, Enslaved by Sin, Enthusiasm, Environment, Envy, Epaphras, Ephesians, Epistemology, Error (See Mistake), Esau, Escape, Eschatology, Essene, Esteem, Esther, Eternal, Eternal Life, Eternal Security, cf.

And at WFC, we are preparing for next week’s Candidating Sunday, when the congregation will meet the candidate vetted and selected by the Search Committee. And to come to all of it with unending gratitude for the richness and blessing of the lives God has given us.

I’ve only made minor wording changes to some of these.

Or is this just a psychological extension of the Fall/Redemption Theology so deeply embedded in our cultural mindset? If good and evil are but lines for making such distinctions, between those who deserve to be rewarded and those who deserve to be punished, how sharp is the line? Such questions cannot be wholly answered, given that the problem of evil is perennial, but let’s wrestle with them anyway.

Is ego another word for “sin,” or does it have some value? Should we seek to nurture and maintain a healthy ego, instead of no ego at all? What if the driving motivation of our species was to become justice for all?

I would argue, more simply, ours isn’t a Christian nation because we don’t follow Jesus.

When I tell people I’m minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane, they often ask, “Where’s that?

I love these church leaders, and I thank God for them. And tell me what you think of the twenty-five comments that were shared with me.

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