Adult interative dating games

23-Jan-2017 07:00

Pair up with your partner in a challenge of balance and bravery at Go Ape Treetop Adventure.

The course features zip lines, rope ladders and plenty of other thrilling obstacles reaching heights of 40-50 feet.

Play the game Improve your score by learning a simple technique for remembering lists of items. Memorise which picture goes with which number - because after you'll be shown the pictures one by one, out of order.

Play the game Improve your score by learning a simple technique that makes numbers more memorable.

Soar through the trees with your sweetheart at Zip KC.

An exhilarating date for thrill seekers, the 143-acre ziplining park features a 65-foot tower and nine lines, some reaching speeds up to 50mph.

However, finding the right game for you, your spouse, and others in your friend group may take a little time.

Additionally, if you plan to play the game with other married couples, you will have a few other things to consider.

Games can serve as a way not only to bond, but to break the ice in group settings.

You might also learn something about your partner along the way!

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