Pros and cons of dating multiple men

10-Jan-2017 20:16

It might sound fun to bring one of your guy friends with you and make him spend $$ on a suit just so you don't cry about dying alone, but if the groom has hot single friends, you'll already be taken in their eyes. we're not dating, he's just my backup" isn't exactly chill.

Bringing a date you don't actually care about will definitely hurt your chances of meeting a cool bro who you could, potentially, learn to care about.

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Leos are known for being fireworks among an army of plastic bags.A person with multiple speeding violations could be a deal breaker for someone, while others may not bat an eyelid.

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If you're not watching SGIT, you should be, and then you should watch Sisi Weekly too! Let me tell you why: (Spoiler alert..can exit now if you didn't watch the last episode) If you've been following the show you will know that Tiwa, aka Man Boutique has been "hoting" lately, with men fighting to date her-her market dey sell in pounds and dollars. As I was watching I was waiting for the next scene to show that she was day dreaming again..for me to see that truly truly this child did something..mouth just open gbagaa like that. as per scandal loading next week na) she hears about it.… continue reading »

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