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29-Sep-2016 08:57

Sorry, the account balance being still in the access mask was an "old" requirement.

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It covers: * Building Gtk Eve Mon * Running Gtk Eve Mon * Installing Gtk Eve Mon * Uninstalling Gtk Eve Mon STEP 1: BUILDING ===================================================================== Gtk Eve Mon comes in form of source code, which is located in the "src/" directory.

The source code needs to be built in order to execute it.

The required libraries to build Gtk Eve Mon (which can be installed using your distribution's package management) are: libxml (with headers) libgtkmm (with headers, at least version 3.0) libcurl (with headers, compiled with encryption support) The source does not come with a configure script.

Although plugins overall are characterized by poor interfaces, each is good enough to hold their own against more specialized tools.

This one-tool-for-everything offering makes it a great tool for both casual users and skill training newbs, CEOs, character creators, EFT warriors, pilots, market junkies, and POS managers.

Edit: How many level 4 missions do I need to run to get my standing to 8.0? Also if you are CEO/Director you can ask the same question but also allow you to nail it down to how should do what mission from your corpmates to get your corp standing to 8.0. But Eve HQ has more hands-on features, like the audit tool and ammo analysis. Of course, I’ve only tried Eve HQ Prism and Eve MEEP; there are many other good tools out there.

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