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07-May-2017 21:24

When a friend texts you a simple “LOL,” she could be actually laughing, expressing sarcasm, or just being dismissive, writes psychologist Marcia Eckerd at Of course, you can say that about any shorthand used in text messaging.

But “Haha,”can be written differently to express different things—from the polite “haha” to the more deranged “hahahahaha.” Sarah Larson at you’re cooking. When you’re doing this, you’re laughing at your desk and your co-workers can hear you, or you’re texting with both hands, clacking and laughing away.

anyways, the title has some meaning in retrospect...

This shouldn’t be a surprise since this is also the case for English. Imagine a happy laugh with an open mouth—it’s just your typical everyday laugh!

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However, did you know that Chinese uses completely different words for "haha?

" If you ever talk to Chinese people over social media (such as We Chat or QQ) then you will notice several different ways of laughing.

And the majority of those people are among an older group of Facebook users.