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05-Nov-2016 21:00

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Expect to receive between 11,000 – 20,000 SAR a month (about £1,850 – £3,350).This salary often comes with added benefits such as housing and medical insurance, and is always tax-free.Residents of Saudi Arabia – a land known for its dry heat and drier deserts – woke up this morning to a rather cold surprise.Plunging temperatures in parts of the country saw the powdery desert turn into a winter wonderland, as freezing conditions took hold.Bath University psychologist, Jeff Gavin, surveyed 229 adults, finding web dating worked "for many people".But he told BBC News that 4% of those customers who took part in the study "were already married".Some Saudis took full advantage of this rare opportunity – and tried their hand at road ‘skiing’.One contributor claimed the weather was ‘so European’ he quipped about feeling like a scholarship student – a conversation typically had by Saudi students while in their (much colder) host countries.

The process from application to being flown out can be very quick, for me it was about three weeks between first contact and landing in Saudi.The people here are lovely and hospitable whatever your religious persuasion, there is sun all year round, and there are plenty of places to go and things to do if you are inclined to seek them out.Institutions in Saudi Arabia put a lot of stock by qualifications rather than experience, and usually the Saudi company which sponsors the employees requires at least a BA (in any subject) and a recognised teaching certificate such as a CELTA or Trinity TESOL.The bond formed between customers came, instead, from later communication, particularly online chatrooms.

This was a more "immediate" way of communicating than e-mail and allowed people to express their true feelings.If you have ever wanted to make your life more bright and cheerful, then you are reading the right profile!

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