Adults intimidating children

18-May-2017 21:09

" Ask the parents of any teenager if counting still works.Not only do threats no longer work, they've learned to use the same means to make others do what they want.

Whether it's passionately lobbying for the existence of Santa Clause to hiding peas and carrots in your kid's meal so they get their daily dose of vegetables, we parents (every once in a while) tend to bend the truth for the benefit of our children.

Whether it's lying about sex or lying about a broken relationship or anything in between, it is truth, not deception, that will give our children the tools they need to make it through life in a healthy, happy and self-loving way.

The truth can be a difficult pill to swallow, and can put us, as parents, in tough situations where the necessary words allude us.

Adult learners, on the other hand, are generally taking the class because they are committed to improving their English.

This doesn’t mean classroom management is a non-thing with adults; you still have to moderate discussions, make sure that one very talkative student isn’t steamrolling others who want a chance to speak up, and that everyone understands the work and is able to do it.While it might make you feel somewhat uncomfortable or even confused and lost, there is absolutely no reason to lie to your kid in those key, important moments when they're looking for honest, informative answers.

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