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23-Mar-2017 21:51

In the absence of these, we propose that their extinction was possibly the result of long-term demographic and genetic declines associated with an isolated island population.

Stegodons (Stegodontidae: Proboscidea) were a widespread and diverse family of proboscideans dating from the late Miocene to the Late Pleistocene of Africa and Asia.

On the basis of current data, we find no evidence for significant environmental changes or the presence of modern humans in the region during that time.

Thus, we do not consider either of these factors to have contributed significantly to their extinction.

But there was a difference: One of the men turned up alone and without a date (as usual!

As the best documented sequence for the Late Pleistocene archaic to modern human and the Middle to Upper Paleolithic biocultural transition, the European record continues to be the focus of attention, debate, and disagreement over the cultural and biological processes and the biocultural interactions that were involved in the transition. Prokop (Czech Republic), Velika Pećina (Croatia), and Vogelherd (Germany) (13–18)].Recently, these two old friends returned to their university for their 25th reunion.

Above, you can hear relevant parts of the entire 14-minute recording obtained by Gawker, the full contents of which have not been previously published. Like, we have edited it down to erase periods of silence in the recording during which Bentley is listening to Mason speak to him.… continue reading »

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