Updating the rpm database

18-Feb-2017 14:59

repository enabled, there’s a chance you may run into issues with more than one update: the same recovery steps should work each time.There’s a rather subtle and tricky bug in libdb (the database that RPM uses) which has been causing problems with upgrades from Fedora 24/25 to Fedora 26.

For Debian, you will have to install our new Public Key and manually update the /etc/file.

To update to a newer Git Lab version, all you have to do is: To upgrade an existing Git Lab Community Edition (CE) server, installed using the Omnibus packages, to Git Lab Enterprise Edition (EE), all you have to do is install the EE package on top of CE.

While upgrading from the same version of CE to EE is not explicitly necessary, and any standard upgrade jump (i.e.

The developers have made a few attempts to fix this, and testing this week — was working well.

updating the rpm database-80

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We believed the fix needed to be applied both on the ‘from’ and the ‘to’ end of any affected transaction, so we went ahead and sent the -21 update out to Fedora 24, 25 and 26.

At that point we decided it was probably best just to cut our losses, stick with -21, and document the issues for anyone who encountered them, and we have removed the -22 update from steps again after upgrading from -22 to -23.