Updating wordpress with subversion

09-Jun-2017 07:57

If you do not work in an IDE with svn but on the command line, chances are that everything works out like a charm when doing refactoring work. You can check out my profiles in XING or Linked In.

Maybe you even perform changes directly with commands like ‘svn move’ or ‘svn delete’. If you are interested in my UI research activities, check out my publications or my github account.

You can find a full demo of OWA along with development examples over at the Demo & Examples site.

The OWA wiki contains all end user and developer documentation.

Aaron Stebner explains why deferring the action is necessary.

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Possibly, you have found that post in a search engine, because you have had problems when doing refactoring in eclipse in a project checked out via svn.

For the latest code, tell your SVN client to: Help and support for OWA is provided by it’s community of authors, users, and contributors.

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