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2010-2012: Comienzos de su carrera como Actor En 2010, Lee hizo su debut oficial como actor en la serie de televisión de Corea del Sur titulado Prosecutor Princess.

Ese mismo año tuvo un papel secundario en el popular drama Secret Garden, donde interpretó a un joven compositor talentoso con una actitud hosca y un flechazo prohibido con el segundo protagonista masculino, Oska interpretado por Yoon Sang-hyun.

On the last day she got lucky and saw him arrive with a group that included Song Hye Kyo, then they got in different cars.

She followed and saw them arrive and enter the same resort, and then Section TV checked the reservations and saw that a Song Hye Kyo friend has reserved the private luxury suite that she reportedly was seen staying in and also seen by resort staff where Song Joong Ki would enter and leave with a face mask on.

Although I always liked him as an actor, I absolutely loved him in this drama. Done :) My review of #On The Way To The Airport : Well, they finally made it for their own sake... He lost weight and became slimmer so he looked younger. There was lack of chemistry between no ra and hyun auk. Sometimes writers make the heroine too clueless and it ruins for storyline. I too have act and produced and to find the balance between them is a great strigthn of yours. Haha I did skip back and forth between episodes because i watched it on netflex and often found myself wanting to know whats what ahead of time.

It was done with great sensitivity as this drama deals with real life dilemmas. Personally, I was a bit scared for Soo Ah and Do Woo, knowing what they were going through in their respective marriages and what would happen next. Lee Sang Yoon looked better here than in Goddess of Fire and Twenty Again.

I saw him on whisper k-drama and i can't hold myself unless to watch it. Any kind of character he played he's always fantastic, awesome and handsome. After that I'm searching your profile and look your drama list. He is more mature in the series of On the Way To the Airport then Goddess of Fire. The man in 13 is being a buffoon: as his eyes cross from mirror to No-Ra (standing on actor's left), they make the fastest little pit-stop in the lens that I've ever seen. The same man, in 16, was so brave to bare brow & forehead.

I love all the dramas that Lee Sang Yoon comes on, when it comes to romance he's very romantic. I fall in love with you, I was sad when you were dating Uee... I also admire actress Choi Yeo Jin because of her sexy figure, smart way of dressing and an extremely nice body posture. And I like everything you acting and you personal look. Cha in mirror shots, Episodes & were watched over and over. In , when eyes go up to stare at hair, a fan in Quebec rolled off her couch onto the floor, in laughter.

With lots of love ...nilakhi oppa you are good actor and a singer . Lee atrapó los ojos de las personas con su altura, aspecto encantador, así como sus habilidades actorales naturales.

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