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With special thanks to Leslie Myrick of the Mark Twain Project for recovering the first printing of "Poor Little Stephen Girard" from historical newspaper archives in May 2012 -- it can now be confirmed that Mark Twain did not write this sketch that was first attributed to him in 1872.

This mistaken attribution to Mark Twain endured and gained acceptance with repetition, especially in the absence of his own denial.

_____ The First Printing of "Poor Little Stephen Girard" The original publication of the short sketch titled "Poor Little Stephen Girard" was in the New York Sun, Monday, October 21, 1872 [p.

3] over the signature of a Sun correspondent named "John." (The original image is online at the Library of Congress "Chronicling America" website.) John had been contributing pun filled humor sketches to the Sun since at least March 6, 1871.

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