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15-Jun-2017 03:40

Mac OS X Lion 10.7 enables Sync Services on the Mac by default.

This ensures that synchronization will take place on the Mac computer.

On the right side of the box, turn on the checkboxes next to the options for synchronizing Entourage contacts with the Mac OS X Address Book program and Mobile Me, and for syncing events and tasks with i Cal and Mobile Me. If you do not use Apple's Address Book or i Cal programs, choose the option that replaces existing information with the Entourage data.

If you have a Mobile Me account (Apple's subscription service for data synchronization across multiple devices), you can also turn on the option to sync Entourage Notes with Mobile Me. Apple has an illustrated guide for setting up Entourage for use with the i Phone here.

Mac with the new Mobile Me name and logo, the new version of Mail also updates existing .

Mac email account settings to add an “@me.com” address; the existing “@mac.com” address remains, allowing the user to both send or receive mail using whichever address is desired. Mac prefpane is also updated to reflect the new Mobile Me branding, although by Thursday afternoon, the Mobile Me services were still not yet active for some users.

To do so, open Entourage, and under the Entourage menu, choose Preferences.

In the Preferences box, go to the General Preferences panel and click Sync Services. Entourage will present a dialog box asking if you want to merge or replace the information you want to sync with the i Phone.

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Mac services for maintenance Wednesday night while switching over to the new Mobile Me. Mac email continued to work with some interruptions, other services went down completely, including sync, i Disk file access, webmail, and web hosting. Mac services either presented a “this service is temporarily unavailable”page (listed with a copyright date of 2007) or redirected users to the Mobile Me preview site.

In the Preferences box, go to the General Preferences panel and click Sync Services.