Nicky wu and liu shi shi dating bulgarian ladies dating for email

21-Jul-2016 20:50

Nicky Wu and his ladylove Liu Shi Shi hold their wedding ceremony on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. I usually don’t like add-on flowers, but Shi Shi looks utterly cute with them.

Not as astronomical as other wedding ceremonies, but it fits my picture flawlessly.

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Choose the screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher.But, Nirvana in Fire is the first non-romance theme (well, it has a little romance in it) but I love it more than any of my romance theme drama. Their relationship stay deeply in my heart and I am obsessed.. I really like Infernal Lover by Mike He and I also like other series with Nicky Wu in it… Besides that, I am really picky when it comes to watch Wuxia. I saw the long trailer and got almost “obsessed” with it.. But, apparently I should watch the trailer instead of watching the whole drama… And here, he made as if Kang Xi has no intelligence and is ready to be killed by anytime and anyone who is willing to try for it… The cage of love I like the couple’s chemistry in here much more than the one in Chronicle of Life.. But definitely it’s not something I easily remember.. In order to protect herself from the boss, Yang always pretends to faint at the right moment. One day he comes up with the groundbreaking idea of making Yang believes that she can leap through time so that she can be a true fairytale princess. Now, I am official becoming one of her loyal fan and will look forward for her collaboration with Vic Chou in the future. She will also play a character in Incisive Great Teacher with my favorite actor Nicky Wu and my least favorite actor Wallace Huo…The cast, the cinematography, the plot, the twist and even the bromance have just made me falling in love with Chinese drama all over again. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them but sometimes, I am just becoming too dreamy that I really want to do those material arts too.. Well, allow me to start with my honest confession (): I wasn’t a big fan of Wallace Huo until I watched The Journey of Flower. Like any bad Chinese drama, the second half is painful to watch… It’s such a shame because this drama has so much potential.. Even the female lead is not my favorite, this drama is till bearable to watch…. Sad fairy tale is a story about carrying one’s destined love in one’s heart through joy and tears. It got me to cry at five minutes before the movie ends. now I understand why there is a dedicated blog just to update her news.. Let’s just hope that Wallace doesn’t ruin the series… The expectant blissful look on Nicky just kills me. His speech basically says how he used to find heaven unfair and cruel to pummel him with tragedy and sad things one after another.

Taiwanese actor and former boy band member Nicky Wu has been forced to remarry, then re-divorce his ex-wife Ma Yashu before he could tie the knot with his new wife, Liu Shishi, the Shanghaiist reports.

Wu achieved huge success as one of the most popular actors and starred in many popular TV series like The Bride with White Hair, Advancing Towards the Fire" and S carlet Heart series.