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17-Jan-2017 04:42

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Their results also show that only 9% of Tinder users say it is difficult to commit to a relationship because of how many options there are, versus 42% of offline daters who give the same rationale.

Tinder says the perception that its users aren't on the app to find love is misinformed.

Fully aware that there is surely a segment of its user base that views it as a hook-up app, Tinder surveyed daters on their safe sex practices, or lack thereof.

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Og online-bordellet Big Sister er nesten for gammelt nytt å regne, tre år etter at det åpnet.

- Jeg vil ikke si at sexklubbene er tolerert i det tsjekkiske samfunnet, for det er mye debatt om dem.

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According to their data, only 9% of men on Tinder report that maintaining a committed relationship is difficult, compared to 30% of offline daters.I sexliberale Tsjekkia er det knapt noen som løfter øyebrynene over hovedstadens mange sexklubber lenger.