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”Oikawa gives a tight grin and, in a set of measured movements, sets down his phone, brushes his bangs out of his face, leans back, and crosses his arms over his chest.“Not that it’s any of your business...”Oikawa and Tendou bump into each other on the first day of winter break and Tendou... He was tall, lithe and older than she'd pictured with sharp features that appraised her from across the table. We’re going back to more of the “human element” rather than the “persona element”. Doujima restraining himself from snapping at random people! contains a crushing jinjin, shy rocky, confused eunwoo, and way too sarcastic bin.) Aunt May and Uncle Ben just want Peter to be happy. As the Valar attempt to keep and contain their Maiar from succumbing to Melkor’s might, they fail to realize that it only takes one to destroy their efforts from within.

His accent didn't match that of Ferelden though, none of those harsh glottal stops she'd grown used to. Non-"Archive Warning" in Chapter The men are starting to discuss their poor boundaries and how they keep testing each other! )(Updated 7/29/17) []jinhandsome: AKSJHJKDSjinhandsome: GUYS OMG(the college/chatfic no one asked for but which the idea for has been stuck in my head for weeks. Peter stops going to ballet practice, and May and Ben have to figure out how to go about the situation. Before the awakening of the elves there was the rise of the Valaraukar.

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Wanting to give Naruto her healing ointment, she starts to dig in her pocket.

Normally, the writers figure out what the relationship between two people should be in a series, then they take the stock derivatives and toss in cues to clue the viewer into how things are between those two people.

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