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Clean linen, including sheets, towels, blankets and pillows, are provided for each berth.

Carriages usually contain nine compartments and are serviced by two attendants (conductors).

The dog's puppies — Doug's motivation for moving from New Jersey to Ulaanbaatar — were born just a few days before Christmas and looked like tiny rats with stumpy tails."They were not so cute," he said.

Just a few weeks later, the puppies' eyes opened and they were placed in a pen with sheep, as part of a conservation project to protect native predators through the roundabout method of breeding a rare Mongolian herder dog: the Bankhar.

We had the [pregnant dog] and had to get the posts in the ground before it froze," Doug said.

Are toilet facilities always available on the train? For that reason, before and after any stops, border crossings or along any densely populated urban areas along the line, the toilets will be locked for about 15 minutes before arriving at stations and about 15 minutes after departure, a timetable for toilet closures is usually posted on the toilet door.

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