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17-May-2017 00:03

Every time Apple updates its operating system, it releases a new wallpaper relating to that release.

These days, wallpapers are much more representative of their namesake (like El Capitan and Sierra), but the first few wallpapers for OS X were beautiful sweeping light arcs across a nice blue background. If you've always wished you could get back that Puma wallpaper, but didn't want a grainy copy, 512 Pixels has a treat for you.

If painting a wall could be compared to casual dating (just testing the waters), then wallpaper is like putting a ring on it. Putting up paper is a big commitment, a huge statement, and a labor-intensive feat, so it stands to reason that you need to be fairly obsessed with a print to even think about it. Even the subtlest graphic in a home tells a story about who lives there: They've got guts.

In the last decade, the paper industry has certainly boomed.

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It was incredibly fun to read and I loved how there were 8-bit illustrations throughout the book.