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However, the Church of England suggested that the book simply added to the wealth of misinformation published about Jesus and had been produced to cash in on a "lucrative income stream" ahead of Christmas.

The Lost Gospel is based on a 29-chapter manuscript dating back to about AD570 that was purchased by the British Museum from an Egyptian monastery in 1847 before being transferred to the British Library some 20 years ago.

► Peter asks Mary to communicate to the disciples the words they have not heard from Jesus, since they knew that Jesus “loved her more than the rest of the women”.

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● What is known as the “Gospel according to Mary (Magdalene)” is a Gnostic document, originally written in Greek, found in Oxyrhynchus ( in northern Egypt) as two fragmented texts: – a papyrus from the 3rd century (P. ► Mary, probably Mary Magdalene – although she is always referred to only as Mary – is seen as a source of “secret revelation”, since she seems to maintain a close relationship with the Lord.

If Christianity centers on Jesus, the Christ, the promised Messiah who inaugurates the kingdom of God with power, the objective facticity of this Jesus is preeminent.

This is a gospel that was written by a member of a Gnostic Christian group.

The disciples are left sad, without confidence to fulfil their mission.

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Mary encourages them to carry on with what they have been asked to do.About 10 pages, half of the total gospel, have been lost.